I’m back as Peter Kay Tribute

Hi Everyone !!

Well I’m back after all the upset of covid.

 I’m back with some great comedy ,New Comedy material and funnier than ever.

Being a comedian is my life.

 The disruption over the last 18 months of no gigs as made me realise how much I miss Comedy.

Great comedy is what we all need now and have a good belly laugh will do us all good.

You can find more information here http://peterkaytribute.co.uk/lee-lard-peter-kay-tribute/

There is a lack of good comedy and comedians .

Having established myself over the last 20 or so years puts me in the driving seat as one of the leading comedians in the UK today

keep viewing my calendar to see if I’m near you someday.http://peterkaytribute.co.uk/calendar-peter-kay-tributre/

Well that’s all for now, if  you want to leave a comment about comedians then please do.

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